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Appeal for Drought Relief Assistance

The Minister of Christian and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Milroy S. Fernando appeals to the Public for their generous contribution to provide urgent relief to approximately 558,692 families, including a large number of children who are very baldy affected by the prevailing drought situation in 16 Districts of Sri Lanka. The most essential need is to provide drinking water to the people in these divasted areas. Due to the non-availability of sufficient number of water bowsers, it is difficult to convey water from distance places for distribution of water requirement among the needy people.

Besides, the need for free supply of milk food for those affected children too at the present juncture is another important aspect to be attended to.

In the circumstances, I as the Minister of Christian and Parliamentary Affairs appeal to the public for their generous support in this situation.

Financial contribution can be deposited to Financial contributing can be deposited to

DST's Special Relief Fund Account,
No. 074-70800004492
at the Bank of Ceylon, Taprobane Branch,
Colombo, Sri Lanka,

with a copy of advice to Secretary to the Ministry. Contribution in kind can be sent direct or consigned to

The Secretary,
Ministry of Christian and Parliamentary Affairs,
No. 49/1, Ward Place,
Colombo 07, Sri Lanka,
Fax No. 094 011 2667895.













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